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All Systems > Industrial Flooring Systems > Key Secondary Containment Systems > Key Vinyl Ester Systems > Key Vinyl Ester Vertical Lining System  
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Key Vinyl Ester Vertical Lining System

KEY VINYL ESTER VERTICAL LINING SYSTEM is a fiberglass mat/cloth reinforced novolac vinyl ester lining system. This system is designed to provide a seamless floor to wall to ceiling surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Combining high impact resistance with excellent acid and corrosion resistance, Key Vinyl Ester Vertical Lining System is the ideal system for secondary containment linings, tank linings, exteriors of high temperature equipment, trenches, pits, and sumps. Depending on weight of fiberglass used and number of topcoats, the installed thickness of Key Vinyl Ester Vertical Lining System ranges from 35 mils to 150 mils or greater. Key Vinyl Ester Vertical Lining System can be incorporated into seamless floor cove base applications. Horizontal surfaces can be broadcasted with silica/aluminum oxide granules for textured non-slip finish. The Key Vinyl Ester Vertical Lining System is available with carbon/graphite filler for improved resistance to hot caustic and hydrofluoric acid type chemistries and in applications requiring a conductive system.


Key Vinyl Ester Vertical Lining System Data Sheet
(PDF, 625KB)

Installation Instructions, Key Vinyl Ester 125 mils Vertical Lining
(PDF, 708KB)

Key Resin Guide Specification, KEYGLAS Vinyl Ester Lining System Vertical Grade
(DOC, 54KB)